Alef Estate

Alef Estate of Vadim Ermolaev builds new Dnipro, preserving old one

When visitors come to Dnipro, it is customary to take them over a nominal tourist route: from Ekaterinoslavskyi Boulevard to Menorah through the Most-City.

The majority of the local buildings that create the look of the city are designed by an architect Alexander Dolnik, and built by Vadim Ermolaev’s company Alef Estate. Indeed, the development company of the Dnipro businessman is known for its acting on the transformation and improvement of the architectural style of the city.

Vadim Ermolaev himself, according to him, when creating projects, was guided by a simple but clear ambition. «I live in this city. My children live in this city, I want it to be a beautiful one»
Among the objects that became the first-in-its-kind not only in Dnipro, but also on the territory of Ukraine are Cascade-Plaza, Bosphorus, Enigma, Prism, Cubometer, and, of course, mentioned above Most-City.

Now the company has taken itself upon a new ambitious project: it is not just the erection of a new building in the already existing signature style of Dnipro, but the restoration of a beautiful residential building on Krasnaya street, 5.

Reconstruction involves both the preservation of the original style in the new design, and completion with the expansion of the number of functions. Thus, for example, the house will have an underground parking. This is not the first restoration project of Alef Estate. Earlier, Ekaterinoslavskyi boulevard was renewed, and it managed to become a favorite place for walking of Dnipro inhabitants and guests.

Now the company of Vadim Ermolaev again proves that it is able to build something new, preserving the unusual style of old buildings, without depriving the city of its history. There are many places and buildings in Dnipro that need modernization yet, nevertheless there are businessmen who care about the look of their native city, one can be calm: changes for the better are already taking place.